There are so many topics of major historical happenings around the world that you can read about, including: What is the law of attraction, Are Ufos Real, Hormesis, Confederate Flag, Nathan Bedford Forrest, American civil war, Healing Stones among others. However, most people are not interested in reading books because they are not written in a simple and attractive language. But you can find very interesting books and their respective videos online. You do not need to be a history student to read such stuff but you can just read them for fun and to gain knowledge on various subjects for peer chat. Below are some of the interesting subjects you can read on.

The Law of Attraction

Probably you have never heard of this term and you are asking yourself what the law of attraction is about. It is primarily a new age thought that says you attract what you think about most. There have been scientific studies to prove this but now you can also find a link with the bible. It is said that if you think of good things, you will attract the good things, but if you think of bad things, then they will come your way too. So generally, this law advocates for positive thinking.

American Civil War

It was one of the bloodiest revolutions ever to happen in the world's history. This war originated from the thorny issues of slavery, where most of the southern states of America decided to secede. They formed the Confederate States of America with their own Confederate flag. It is during this revolution that names such as Nathan Bedford Forrest came into existence. His legend lives on up to today due to his unparalleled exploits in the American civil war; actually he was the most feared commander at the time.



If you are a fan of the paranormal things like UFOs you can get books to read and understand your favorite subject. Are UFOs real? This is a controversial topic that has refused to go away. There has been a lot of literature on this but none has been conclusive or convincing enough.

Hormesis effect

This is a scientific process that works in a similar way like immunization. It is where you expose yourself to toxins in a mild dosage so as to boost your body immunity and strength. It has been used since the ancient Greek era, but its application has dwindled in between the years due to ignorance as most people are not aware of this practice. There are various things you can use for this process like alcohol, radioactive healing stones amongst many others.


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